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Non-Surgical Hair Replacement


We specialize in custom cranial prosthetics for women, men & children that are dealing with any disorder that is causing hair loss (i.e. alopecia, chemotherapy, stress etc)

Alopecia-Full Cranial Prosthesis

Alopecia-Full Cranial Prosthesis

Thin Single Layer PU

Thin Single Layer PU

PU Natural Blend

PU Natural Blend

Male Pattern Baldness-Thin Base

Male Pattern Baldness-Thin Base

Crown- PU Natural Blend

Crown- PU Natural Blend

Our Process




Consultations are offered in order for our certified technicians to gain a more in depth understanding of the specific need(s) of each client. Do you have the desire to only conceal the area of hair loss or the entire cranium? We can fit any size of baldness or thinning that will still enable our clients to blend their natural hair if so desired.

Upon determining the most appropriate type of prosthesis, a custom mold will be created for each client.  Once the prosthesis has been received, it will be applied and styled for daily, semi or permanent wear.

Leave our salon with a renewed since of joy, flexibility and confidence knowing that you have a team of committed professionals to aid you in your continued maintenance of your prosthesis or selection of additional prosthesis' such as you see fit.

 Scalp Therapy Treatment Consultations Are Also Available For:

                    Psorasis, Eczema, Dry/Itchy Scalp,Redness of Scalp


Limitless... Effortless...




  • It has been an up hill battle with cancer and I recently started to lose my hair. The traditional wigs were uncomfortable and did not look natural. I heard about Dynasty Elegance and made my appointment immediately. The technician was knowledgeable and very compassionate towards my situation. I have had my cranial prosthesis for over 3 months now and no one can tell that I'm wearing one because it blends perfectly with my natural hair. THANK YOU Dynasty Elegance for all that you do for people like me to bring the smile back that was almost lost. ~ Ellen B.



  • My alopecia has caused me to be a little embarrassed about my overall appearance.  I have naturally long hair, however due to the bald areas on my scalp, I'm unable to cover them with my natural hair. Investing in a custom cranial prosthesis allowed me to still wear my natural hair and conceal the bald areas without the hassle of a bulky wig. This was the best decision I made. No more wasting money on wigs that did not fit my head properly. ~ Gayle S.



  • The best investment I have ever made. Perfect and natural fit. I would definitely recommend this process to anyone who has been searching for a non-traditional hair unit that gives you much more flexibility and options to cover any bald area on your head. Amazing staff that truly cares about the people they serve.           ~ Jackie T.









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We can conceal any size of hair loss!

Insurance is accepted but not required to obtain a cranial prosthesis









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Alopecia Areata


Alopecia Areata is a disease that affects thousands of individuals.  It's an

autoimmunie disease that disturbs the hair follicles where the hair grows. Anyone can have alopecia areata.

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