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Semi-permanent Eyelash Extensions:

What are semi-permanent eyelash extensions?

Semi-permanent eyelash extensions are artificial eyelashes adhered to each individual natural lash providing the performance and look of your own natural lash. There are a variety of lengths, thicknesses and curl patterns that can be leveraged to customize to each clients needs.



What is the process?

We utilize a medically graded adhesive and a certified technique to create lashes that bond with your natural lash. The artificial lashes are not adhered to the skin as with other damaging forms of artificial eyelashes. In addition, the artificial lash will shed through the natural growth cycle process of your own lash without the need to remove any adhesives. The application for a full set is approximately 1.5 hours.



How long will they last?

The average growth cycle of your natural lashes is between 20-30 days. And as your natural lashes shed, these false lashes will shed with them. On average these lashes can last up to 30 days before they completely grow out. However, all of your natural lashes are not in the same stage during the growth cycle, thus having a regular maintenance schedule to 'refill' those lashes that have shed and regrown is important.



What are the benefits:

• More flexibility than eyelash strips or clusters

• Light-weight without causing damage to natural lashes

• Performance & look of natural lashes



Can I get my lashes wet?

Eyelash extensions should not get wet for at least 24-48 hours post application. However, after this period water can be lightly splashed on face during your normal facial cleansing process. It is not advised to scrub eyes etc. as well as too much pressure of any kind will directly affect the longevity of the eyelash extensions.



How often will I need a refill?

Each client is different based on their lash growth cycle, however it is recommended refills occur between 2-3 weeks post application.



I'm going through chemotherapy, can I still wear eyelash extensions?

We recommend finalizing all chemotherapy treatments prior to applying eyelash extensions. There has to be some growth in order to adhere a false lash.



How do I clean my lashes in between my refills?

With the everyday activities that will cause debris to fall onto the lash line or on the lashes themselves, it is recommended using our special cleanser that will not intefere with the adhesive. Utilizing this solution with small lip gloss applicators will do the job of ensuring that your eyelashes stay clean and clear of any germs or bacteria that can harbor close to the lash line.

Custom Cranial Prosthesis

What is a custom cranial prosthesis?

A custom cranial prosthesis is a hair unit that is specifically made to accommodate various hair loss issues that women, men & children face. Not to be confused with a traditional wig, a custom cranial prosthesis has much more flexibility and can be designed to fit any size hair loss on the scalp.


I don't want to wear a full hair unit, is a custom cranial prosthesis for me?

We have various innovative ways to blend a custom cranial prosthesis with your natural hair. Because we are able to specifically measure, size and fit an individual's scalp and the area that has to be concealed, the prosthesis will blend perfectly with your natural hair. Hair length, texture, density and color can all be customized to give each client the desired look they are going for.


Can I use heat or curling tools on my cranial prosthesis?

For all human hair and some synthetic blends, a curling tool can be utilized. Upon receiving the prosthesis, our trained technicians/stylists will be able to give you the desired style prior to you leaving the salon. Therefore, it will just be regular maintenance of the hair unit going forward.


Will insurance cover my prosthesis?

Yes, insurance will cover your prosthesis. Follow up with your insurance company to understand all of the details in order to provide that information to your technician upon your scheduled appointment. Although insurance will cover your prosthesis, it is not required to have in order to obtain. Each client is different and may choose to pay directly instead of utilizing insurance and either option is accepted at Dynasty Elegance.


How often will I need to change my prosthesis?

It will be based on the type that you obtain (daily, semi or permanent wear):

  • Daily Wear - These prosthesis' can be applied and removed on a regular basis. They are usually full prosthesis' for those individuals that want to cover the entire cranial. Human blend prosthesis have a longer lifespan (typically up to 1 year) than synthetic blends (typically 6 months).

  • Semi- Permanent & Permanent Wear - These prosthesis' are adhered with the intent of not removing on a regular basis. These are utilized to blend with your natural hair & thus can be styled and manipulated to do such that. They typically can be worn up to 1 year with regular maintenance and sanitation by our certified technicians.

However, with any prosthesis that is selected, it is recommended that regular maintenance be adhered in order to maintain the integrity of the hair.

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